ProCo Web Solutions

Ben Smylie

President and Founder

Ben is a senior product and program management professional with an extensive background in customer service, software and product development. Ben started his professional career as a production manager at the Chicago Sun-Times where he ultimately became VP – Technical Services. He worked as VP – Customer Support and Product Management at the Atex division of Eastman Kodak, and later founded Mission Critical Technologies where he delivered the first client/server systems to the publishing industry. Ben has worked extensively in Internet publishing and founded CommunityPro, integrating 3rd party software and services for newspaper publishers. Ben has consulted on technology projects for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, Cox, IBM, NCR, and McKinsey Corp.

Ed Heinrich


Ed is an experienced software architect/engineering manager/developer with a track record of delivering applications on time and on budget. Ed has been an active participant in the evolution of the software industry over the past 34 years, and at various times has presented technical training seminars for other devlopers, sharing his knowledge freely, along with writing technical articles for a variety of publications. He embraced the shift from proprietary closed systems to designing and engineering web-based solutions for businesses, was an early proponent of Open Systems and Service Oriented Architecture, and was a bleeding edge adopter of web services. During the course of his career Ed has managed technical teams of all sizes in a variety of industries including: publishing and advertising; e-commerce; system and security software systems - he was the original architect of the Windows™ PerfectDisk™ disk defragmentation product; medical infomatics; high-school sports communities; and a web-based system to help guide students through the college admission process. Over the years, he has nurtured clients through various difficult integrations, installations, and conversion efforts and guided multiple start-ups from technology selection through first-release. Ed is an avid proponent of the Agile development methodology – where rapid iteration keeps the Client and the development team in sync. He has also provided architecture, design specifications, and development management of several projects where the client chose to use offshore resources.